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Jack Scalisi Wholesale Fruit & Produce has proudly provided South Florida with the finest produce for more than thirty years. Our commitment to excellence can be recognized daily in the quality of our products. We distribute over 400 fresh produce items from around the world every day. You can order your produce 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply print our product list and weekly specials for easy reference. You have the option to place your order by phone and email. Ask to register for online ordering. Our friendly staff is eager to assist you with any questions or special requests. We will respond to your inquiries promptly.


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Jack Scalisi Wholesale Fruit and Produce understand its customers’ needs; how to meet and exceed them. We’re the passionate South Florida Wholesalers dealing with the finest wholesale organic produce. Scalisi company offers fresh wholesale produce of premium quality at a reasonable price. The customer services operate efficiently for proficient information and resources that cover a wide variety of all produce works. From placing an order to getting safe and faster deliveries of wholesale produce, we typically handle your utmost salesmanship expectations.

Scalisi Produce and Products

We have over 400 fresh farm produce that can be delivered to you anytime you need. The finest Jack Scalisi wholesale fruit and produce has made the South Florida residents proud and satisfied over the past 30 years. View these quality products here, pick your brand, check out with it and we will deliver it to your company. The full catalog of Scalisi Produce and products are available in printed form to aid in easy reference; The organic produce wholesaler is stoked with a brim that creates the spectacular dishes you need.

Business Orders

If you’re interested in wholesale produce orders, we’ve got you covered. We have friendly customer advisory services and a sales representative to help you out. You will be assigned an account with a user name and password. The account representative will also guide you on how you on the ordering process for the Jack Scalisi Wholesale organic Produce anywhere in South Florida. The Scalisi produce advisors are available 24/7. After the guidance, you will be ready to place an order from any part of South Florida.

Distribution Map

The Jack Scalisi Wholesale Fruits and produce serves Palm Beach County, Broward County, Dade County, Martin County, Indian River County, and St. Lucie county. The distribution center is located within West Palm Beach, Florida which is the central place. Buying wholesale produce online will also guide you to the regions we offer distribution services. If you’ve inquiries about the areas that we distribute our finest wholesale produce, please contact us. The customer service representatives are always there to give you supported answers.

Scalisi Planners & Reports

Jack Scalisi wholesale fruits and produce is known to have a remarkable insight into the produce market. South Florida produce forms a basis for Chef’s monthly guide. The quick reference to our products is very important to help the chef plan for a special day, season, or any other time of the year. If you wish to understand the wholesale produce of South Florida, we also draft a monthly report that will go steps further to help our vendors know the products that the public loves most. Information shared by Jack Scalisi is a great source of knowledge to its consumers and vendors. The produce news, latest updates, seasonal products availability plus the market reports are highlighted in this section.

Vendor Partners

We have partnered with both local and global vendors to create the finest delivery to South Florida Wholesalers. They include Altar, Andy Boy, Basciani Mushroom Farms, Cal-Organic Farms, Calavo, Chelan Fresh, Chiquita, Christopher Ranch, Classic Salads, Del Monte, Dole, Driscoll’s Berries, Nature Fresh Farms, Green Gate Fresh, Harvest Sensations, Grimmwat Farms, Muzzi Family, Limoneira, Legend Produce, and the Hallandale Farms. All work for a common goal, to perform a good wholesale produce evaluation with effective communications and a long-term alliance with Jack Scalisi Wholesale Fruit and produce.

About Us

Jack Scalisi Wholesale fruits and produce was established by Jack Scalisi, son to Anthony and Judy Scalisi. Under the support of his parents, Jack’s company has continued to expand and flourish even to the entire United States. Our facility is based on LEED performance which is the rating system used in design, construction, operations, and the maintenance of green buildings. The facility has improved air and water quality. Solid waste has been reduced to benefit the owners, occupants that also the entire society. It has the highest standard of hygiene; every farm produce is handled with care and caution it deserves.

Your trusted produce wholesaler in South Florida

Scalisi Produce involve a wide range of quality products that save the South Florida wholesalers both time and money. As the main produce wholesalers, we aim at helping our customers grow their business. We serve small- and large-scale operators. Our prices are low but we never sacrifice on quality. As we work with local and international produce growers, we follow the trends of our customers. We maximize wholesale produce profitability to ensure the continuity of your business.

In sticky situations, Jack Scalisi Wholesale fruit and produce is there to help. We offer prompt emergency deliveries 24/7; we work around the clock to ensure that the deliveries find you earlier in urgent situations. You can always count on us when you’re in a pinch. Get in touch with us, we offer the best wholesale prices in the industry. We’ve robust relationships with the produce farmers, therefore we can promise competitive prices to our clients. Jack Scalisi Wholesale produce is the trusted wholesale producer in South Florida because we offer quality that can be trusted and our Wholesale delivery services are done wholeheartedly. Our customers get more personal attention than they need from any typical food distributor.

Jack Scalisi Wholesale Produce

As the produce wholesalers, we supply a wide selection of quality vegetables and fruits. We aim at helping your business grow by satisfying your diners, students, customers, and guests. Fresh cuts and the trends of organic products are here to stay. We understand that our growth depends on the thriving success of our clients. That is why wholesale produce from use comes with satisfaction to the Wholesale produce distributors in South Florida and its good neighborhood. Buy the wholesale produce from us, they are garden-fresh and crisp. We deliver promptly to any area of South Florida. Over the decades, Jack Scalisi Wholesale Fruit and Produce have been serving the whole of South Florida with the finest wholesale produce. Today, we offer convenience to wholesale produce in South Florida, and we are proud to appear on the produce wholesale companies list. Jack Scalisi is the recognized fresh produce wholesalers in Florida who offer daily and consistent quality products. Our wholesale products come from different countries all over the world. You can make your purchase any time of the day, seven days of the week. Our prices list is available in hardcopy to easily reference our customers- print it directly from our website. We’ve more than 400 fresh wholesale produce that makes up the daily and weekly specials.

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us

Jack Scalisi has a friendly staff that is always prepared to offer you the ultimate solutions you need to accomplish your special wholesale organic produce requests. We guarantee sufficient response and support backed-up with market research to any questions related to our wholesale produce. Our online delivery platform serves the whole of South Florida- check our distribution map. Scalisi produce meet all your urgent needs every day on time! Choose us as your favorite organic produce wholesalers. We have a wide selection of wholesale produce that you need from us. Get in touch with us; we sell quality wholesale produce and products!